4 Best Practices For YouTube Ads Content

YouTube...the internet's favorite provider of furry cat compilations and the Baby Shark Dance video (seriously this is the top viewed YT video of all time!). But have you ever thought about how YouTube can help you market your business? Believe it or not YouTube video ads function as more than an annoyance while you're trying to watch your favorite video.


YouTube video ads can function as a key cog in your marketing mix. As the number 2 search engine behind Google, it's a great way to get in front of people doing research and drive valuable brand awareness. The key is that that any old YouTube video ad won't be effective in advertising your business. Your video ads have to have a few important features to draw in an audience and ulitmately drive business results on your website.


At first, it can be daunting thinking about what kind of YouTube video ad will work the best. Don't worry! I'm going to break down some of the vital best practices you should be including in all of your YouTube video ads.


Without further ado here are the key YouTube best practices for video ads:


1. Draw in the viewer from the very first clip of the ad: It's vital to get the viewers attention in the first 3 seconds of a YouTube ad. One reason being that a user can skip a standard TrueView In-Stream ad after 5 seconds. As well, the first few seconds of an ad are where the user is most likely to decide whether an ad is worth their time. Some strategies for getting the users' attention include using motion, color, and sound to make the video more interesting. Another strategy you can use to your advantage is surprising the viewer whether that be through visuals or words. This Dr. Squatch ad does a great job of this by proclaiming "Listen up, the soap you shower with is Sh*t"


2. Show your brands products/offerings: This best practice might seem obvious but I've seen many a Youtube ad where I didn't have a clear idea of what product/service a brand was selling. Make sure that your product/offerings are front and center with clear branding throughout the ad so the viewer knows what you're offering.


3. Provide a clear call to action: You got the user to view the first 5 seconds of your ad. Now what? You need to actually get the user to take an action. That usually entails the user clicking on the call to action button and going to your website to buy your products or look at your offerings. Make sure to include both a verbal CTA in your video ad, as well as utilizing the CTA button when creating the ad.


4. Keep the ads between 15-60 seconds: Yes I know the video I linked above for Dr. Squatch breaks this rule but the rule of thumb here is the sweet spot for YouTube video ad length is 15-60s.


And there you have it! These are the basics to get started with creating YouTube video ads. You can get as in depth as you want with YouTube ad creation, but these are the best practices that you'll always want to keep in mind.