Google Grants are very specific types of Google Ad accounts that are designed to help non-profits attract more members, volunteers, donations and visibility through Google Search Ads. Once approved, Google provides up to $10,000 in monthly ad spend.


How We Help

We are proud to help non-profits both apply for these grant accounts and manage the ad spend.  The largest challenge for most non-profits is using the grant effectively.  There are EXTREMELY strict requirements on everything from URLs to Quality Scores, and without a comprehensive understanding of the platform and its policies accounts are regularly suspended or revoked.  The next problem that most organizations face is actually spending the Grant.  Most organizations have trouble spending more than $500 of their monthly $10,000 grant allocation.

We streamline the application process, account build and scale the account for you.  We are ONLY satisfied when your Grant spend is consistently over the 9k mark.

What to expect (The three phases)

This is the most straightforward step.  Give Google everything they ask for.  The approximate timeline (It always varies) is 3-6 weeks.

During this phase, we are trying to spend Google's money as fast as possible.  This will be our largest learning phase and we will rely heavily on analytics information coming in through your website.

This phase starts once we start approaching your full grant allocation.  Here, we will focus on expanding the highest value users.