Our Audit Process

Digital marketing audits can find holes in SEO, PPC, Social, Referal and Affiliate strategies.  Once found, they are usually relatively simple to fix.  Give us an hour of your time, and we'll give you a roadmap to Digital Marketing SUCCESS!


1. Account Audit

First, you will give us access to your accounts (can be read only access).  We always start with Analytics because it's the backbone of all marketing efforts

We'll send you a link that will make the connection an easy process.


2. Schedule a Call

Once we have account access squared away, we can schedule our call.

We will need at least 2 business days to complete the audit once your account is connected.

We will send you a calendar link so you can book a time with us at your convenience.


3. Discuss the Audit

The final step will be a meeting to discuss our findings from the audit.

There will be time allotted for you to ask any questions you may have, and you will leave with a list of ways you can improve your Digital Marketing Strategy.

We're happy to record this meeting for you.

What is Included in a marketing audit

We will review the following:

  • Event tracking
    • What events are counting? Over Counting? Under counting?  Are the same events tracking in G4?!?
  • Audiences
    • Who are your best customers? You probably have some information on this, but we will provide the data to either backup or disprove your assumptions.
  • Traffic Sources
    • Where do your best customers come from?  If you have a clear idea of this, then expanding and scaling those channels is a breeze.
  • Landing Pages
    • Which landing pages give you the best ROI? Often, most traffic will just go to the homepage... If you're not answering the question that your visitors are looking for they WILL NOT BUY.  This is a HUGE opportunity to improve your conversion rates!
  • Property settings
    • When these are wrong... VERY strange things can happen.
  • The data layer
    • This is where the magic happens for G4 analytics.  If it's properly built out, then you have the right information to answer all kinds of questions... if not, you're flying blind.
  • Overall data structure
    • Simple reporting structures give you simple direction on where to optimize next, and allow for RAPID TESTING!

Google Analytics 4 (g4)

If you're currently using the old GA (aka your tracking ID begins with UA), then you have until June 30, 2023, to upgrade before it stops tracking. We recommend doing this sooner rather than later so you have time to adjust and will have more comparison data within GA4.

We can audit your settings (on both UA & GA4), audit your implementation, and build out the reports you need. We can even help you if you are on Shopify (which doesn't have built-in functionality for GA4 yet).

Other ways to work with us


Ads Audit

Sometimes all it takes is a second set of eyes...

If you're currently running Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok ads over 5000 per month then you're probably wasting 12-25% of your budget!

Our ads audit can help you find the wasted spending and give you a roadmap to fix it.

We provide specific and ACTIONABLE steps that you, your internal team, or your agency can take to improve performance.


Managed Ads

Tired of mediocre results and worse communication?

Our team is here to help!

You'll get:
- Fully monitored/optimized Google and FB ads
- Two 30-minute calls per month
- Weekly reporting so you never have to log-in to the ad platforms to see your results

We require an audit for Full Service clients so we can be sure that you are a good fit.