8 Signs You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

Many small business owners start out wearing a lot of hats. As your business grows, you have to start thinking about delegating some of those responsibilities – marketing included! But how do you know if it’s time to stop doing it yourself? Here are some telltale signs that mean you might be ready to hire a marketing agency!

1)Your sales are slowing down or stagnant 

There are a few reasons why sales might be lagging but if you know there is a market for your service or product, your issue might be a marketing strategy that’s falling flat. A digital marketing agency can help you revamp your marketing, getting in front of the right people, and scale your strategy to be effective and profitable. 

At bCode, we look at what you’re doing currently, market trends, as well as data to find areas of opportunity and offer suggestions for improvement. 

2) You don’t have time to make it a priority

Small business owners have to wear many hats and have a lot of responsibilities. You have to prioritize things and marketing can easily move to the backburner – we get it. When you hire an agency, we can take something off of your plate and make it a priority at the same time! 

3) You Don’t Enjoy Marketing

Some business owners don’t enjoy marketing. They know it’s something they should do but they might even hate it. And you know what? That is a totally valid reason to hire an agency! If it doesn’t bring you joy and you can hire someone to bring their passion for marketing to the table, why not? Let marketers and agencies bring their creativity to your brand! It’s a win, win really. 

4) You’ve Realized You Don’t Have the Skills or the tools

Agencies hire talented and passionate marketers. Since they focus entirely on marketing, agencies will also have access to tools that you might otherwise not be able to access. A good digital marketing agency will get to know your brand and goals really well. They’ll then use their skills and tools to come up with a strategy that makes sense! 

5) You Wonder What is Working

If you’re not sure what is working from your current marketing strategy, you probably won’t be able to replicate any success. Do you know how your marketing efforts are impacting your website traffic, leads, and customers? If not, you’re most likely wasting your time and budget on efforts that are ineffective. To take your business and marketing to the next level, it’s probably time to hire a marketing agency if you’re not sure what is and isn’t working.

6) You’d Love to Hire a Complete Marketing Team, but Lack the Budget

Hiring a full in house marketing team can get expensive quickly when you factor in salaries, benefits, and other marketing related costs like specialized tools. Hiring a marketing agency is a great way to get the support you need without having to hire a handful of new employees. Agencies can be a great asset that can help with things that an inbound marketing specialist, a content producer, editor, social media manager, or PPC specialist would do.

7) Your Results are Hit or Miss

If your marketing results have been hit or miss, it could be easy to think that marketing doesn’t work for your business. A marketing agency can look at the challenges your marketing strategy is facing, set goals, and put together a plan that works for you and your business. Oftentimes you’ll find that you had part of the marketing puzzle right, but were missing some key components. That’s where a marketing agency can really help elevate and grow your marketing strategy. You’ve got the foundation, let them help you complete it. 

8) You’re not getting any “Good Leads”

If you have a solid sales team and you’re just not getting any “good” leads, it could be that your marketing efforts aren’t getting you in front of the right people. Hiring an agency can help you get quality leads and learn more about who your business and industry should be targeting as potential customers. 

Are you considering hiring a marketing agency? 

Marketing agencies can be an amazing resource for businesses of any size. Marketing agencies can help with a number of things including brand development, paid marketing, content marketing and website design. Hiring a marketing agency can help generate revenue and grow your business through campaigns that target your ideal users and customers. If you’re looking for a marketing agency, reach out to our team! We’d love to help your business achieve and surpass your goals with digital marketing!